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Our competitive group is the most accomplished in Alberta, if we measure it simply on international accomplishments.

In the past 7 years Alberta has generated 3 Pan American and two North American medals, all of these 5 medals have been from students of Osuna Karate.

Our open trainings: We run a series of open training sessions that are done on a drop in basis, these sessions attract competitive athletes from many Alberta dojos and some from other provinces. These open trainings have also contributed to a series of National level medals.


We pride ourselves on having developed a great group and methodology to help the success of our athletes. This however, does not come without the full commitment of our Elite athletes. Taking the step to become an Elite athlete is a great commitment… we are there to support that effort

Our 2019 Team:

Our Past Teams:

Congratulations to all our athletes that participated at the National Karate Championships in Halifax.
Nine of our athletes made the provincial team, bringing 8 medals back.
A group of them secured their place on the Canadian National Team and now have their spot on the Pan-American Championship this year 2018 !