Sensei Juan Osuna

A 5th degree black belt with over 17 years of teaching experience. Sensei Osuna holds 30 years of traditional Shotokan Karate-do training. Apart from following karate traditions, Sensei Osuna has dedicated many years to the sport side of karate, and is currently devoting part of his teaching time to coaching competitive athletes. In addition to his technical and teaching skills, sensei Osuna devotes significant time to Karate inclusion  and the development of the sports side of Karate for people with disabilities. 

Several other instructors and visiting karate practitioners contribute to the Osuna karate classes

Sensei Luis Plumacher: Sensei Plumacher is visiting Canada and training at the Osuonakarate dojo. Sensei Luis has been practicing Shotokan Karate since age 4 and is a very good representative of traditional karate. Apart from his regular training, Sensei Luis is a very relevant figure in sports karate, as he is one of the most decorated competitive athletes in the Americas, having won a WKF World Championship, the Pan American Games and several times Karate PKF champion, among many others. His presence training  the dojo has represented a great contribution to improve the ability of our students.

Sempai Rafael Silva: Rafael has trained under the guidance of Sensei Osuna from the age of 7, Rafael has become a very experienced practitioner of Shotokan Karate and one of the leading children instructors at Osuonakarate. Apart from his traditional training, Rafael devotes a lot of time to develop his competitive abilities, and has become a common name in the Canadian national team. In the sports arena Rafael has achieved a Pan-American Silver medal, as well as medals in the North American Cup and Karate Common Wealth. 

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