Welcome our new Registred Massage Therapist. Josh Alderson

Josh is a graduate of a 3000 hour advanced clinical massage therapy program. Josh's practice is highly  focused on orthopedic massage,  which is composed of soft tissue manipulation to enhance mobility, rehabilitate and prevent injury and pain management.

Josh is a fellow martial artist, a former kickboxer and a current Brazilian Jiu Jiu practitioner, Josh fully understands the importance of mobility to enhance the performance and reduce the risk of injury for athletes of all levels and all walks of life. 

Josh is extremely passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle and is 100% confident in his ability to assist his clients in achieving their physical health goals regardless of their current state. Whether you are a competitive athlete,  a regular active person or someone who suffers from chronic pain or injury, Josh is sure to have a treatment program to get and keep you moving.

 Movement is life!


30 min $55
60 min $95
90 min $130

Contact us:


Call/text: 403-807-1425