Our summer camps are designed as an fun intro to karate, and or development for trained karate students. Kids will learn karate techniques while working on agility and general mobility. 

Our summer camps are directed for all abilities.

Grassroot training camp

Seinseis Juan Osuna and Luis Plumacher are getting together to lead a grassroots training session in August

·         When?            August 2nd to the 31st . Monday and Wednesdays from 6:15 to 7:15 pm

·         Where?           #3, 141 Commercial Drive.

·         Cost?               $135 for the full month of August

Who is this training designed for?

People ages 9 and above who are looking to improve their kumite skills. This camp is designed for the developing level either training to eventually become competitive or simply wanting to improve their abilities.

This camp will focus on kumite basics:

·         Foot work

·         Defensive techniques

·         Offensive techniques

·         Improving kicking abilities

·         Will get the athletes to start understanding and working on kumite strategies

Contact us:


Call/text: 403-807-1425