Recreational karate:
When a person first enters karate they are developing fundamental karate skills and learning to work as an individual or in a team environment. Parent's expectations should be based on their child having fun, developing skills and wanting to continue training. With increased skills comes success, which leads to an increased desire to continue training and greater self-satisfaction on effort. When karate skills have been reached and improved to a point where the child demonstrates consistency in play, and has the appropriate age and desire to move towards competitive they are ready. Being ready to raise their level of involvement suggests that they have acquired the necessary training, skill prerequisites according to their levels, social / emotional confidence and cognitive understanding of what is involved towards competitive level.

Competitive karate:
This side of training requires more commitment and dedication as well as provincial, national and international travel. This side of karate allows athletes to perform and train in a higher / competitive level aiming for a spot in the Provincial and eventually the National team. The minimum age to be considered to be part of Team Canada is 12 but eliminations starts at the age of 11 at Provincial qualifications.
As per August 2017 Osuna Karate has 7 athletes in the Provincial team and 4 karatecas in the National team. 

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