Our children program (6 to 12 years old):

The natural division of karate training is not given by age but by knowledge level. Following a standard syllabus both a beginner adult or a child would have to learn the same basis. Nevertheless we planned our program with specific goals for children and adults.We separate children from adults several times a month. Traditionally we had kept classes separated but as we evolved we have come to the conclusion that children benefit from emulating adult behavior during classes, so we do several joined classes a month.

What to expect?

  1. Although karate is trained in a group setting, it is undoubtably an individual activity. Our experience tells us that all kids will develop at their own pace and that they all will eventually reach a comparable level of basic skills.

  2. It takes from 5 to 7 years to form a  proficient karateka (karate practitioner), with variations depending on individual talent and dedication. 

  3. Different from other combat arts, karate training is not set to be fast, it is set up to go step by step. In fact, if what parents are looking for is a quick way for their kids to learn to fight, karate is not the option. Kids will develop self-defense skills as they progress in their technical training.

  4. Your child will look different from the rest. We like to emphasize this, because karate is very individual from a development perspective, but again on time all kids reach core base of skills.

Manners, discipline and training conduct?
  1. Karate is known for its discipline and respect for others,  and at our Dojo we follow traditional karate schemes. 

  2. We are, however, very conscious of the age of our students and understand that there would be distractions and other things the come along. We like to stimulate positive behaviors to find better results. 

  3. Your children will be encouraged to endeavor during class.

  4. Because we believe in discipline and respect, we have no tolerance for disrespectful behavior.

How is the grading and belt change process?

At our Dojo we do two to three tests per year, and usually an additional make up test. This does not mean that all kids will grade twice a year. It takes between 9 month to a year to get the firs belt. Trust the instructors they will let you know when your kid is ready to grade.


We are members of the Karate Alberta association and are very involved on the sports side of karate.  We usually recommend that kids participate on the recreational side of competition, it helps with goal setting and has other benefits. Although we recommended we do not make it mandatory.
We do have a competitive stream, with several of our students being member of the Alberta Karate team. This stream, like in any other sports, requires a different level of commitment and training. 

Tell us about your child! Let us know if there is something else we should be aware of:

Class time is very busy and it makes it hard to chat with the instructors but you can email Sensei Osuna at any time with information about your child that you find pertinent to their training, or schedule a call. Sensei Osuna will find time in his busy schedule to chat with you. If your child has any disabilities or challenges, we would like to know so we  can make a plan.

Contact us:


Call/text: 403-807-1425